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The Small Business SEO And Web Marketing department of was established in mid-2008 as a result of successful launches and internet marketing promotions of personal as well as business web properties of the group.

As the group developed their own method of search engine optimization and internet marketing with much success, they started to offer the services for free with businesses owned by their friends and acquaintances in Canada and the Philippines.

When they became confident that their success was repeatable, they ventured out to offer their services to SEO practitioners and internet marketers all over the world. They now have clients ranging from small business owners to medium sized SEO companies in the UK, Canada and the US.

No matter what size your business is, Small Business SEO And Web Marketing team is your partner in internet marketing presence and growth.

Thank you for visiting our website! If you'd like to know more about how we can help you market your business or for a free quote and website analysis, please call (416) 803-6316 or visit our Contact Page.

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