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Link building is an essential part of SEO or search engine optimization. Eighty percent (80%) of web traffic and keyword ranking is due in large part to off-site optimization or link building. Although the very start of optimizing your website for the search engines begins with on-site optimization, without dedicating time to building links for your site will not translate to traffic and keyword ranking.

And this is the most time consuming and boring part of website marketing and promotion.

We at Jasman Web Marketing have the required staff who were trained in all aspects of researching for and building links that your website needs for more traffic and ranking.

Virtual Assistant Services:

An SEO Virtual assistants is a website owners' personal help in all aspects of website promotion and link building. All our SEO virtual assistants have undergone at least 3 months of training in different aspects of backlinking methods such as profile creation, RSS creation and submission, article directory submission, web directory submission, press release directory submission and any other SEO related submission that does not involved writing tasks, video creation or web and graphic design.

We have a separate group of staff that creates the contents to be used for promoting and link building for your website or business.

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